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Firstly, you have to install the bb-cli with the "npm i @appblocks/bb-cli -g" command. After this, Connect your Appblocks account with your GitHub account.
Now you can try out the command for creating a package block, "bb init package_block_name".

For more details : Check Docs

Create an account with Appblocks, install the bb-cli and connect you Appblocks account with your GitHub. After this step, click the block of your liking from the store (now you are in the block details page). On this page, you'll find a bb cli command to pull and use the block.
Use the command "bb login".

For more details : Check Docs

To deploy the block to the configured cloud infrastructure. Currently, appblocks supports easy deploy to AWS container infrastructure. Use the command "bb deploy <block-name>"
Visit our Store at or Spaces at and you will find the sign up form.
In Spaces, you can have teams, members, roles, apps, etc.

For more details : Check Docs

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